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Performed extensive updates to RV Tips & Resource Page

Did my part and gratefully made yearly contribution to Van's Air Force!!! I am a pre-builder and have used this site for a wealth of imformation, make sure you donate today!

So a lot has happened, I bought a house in 2009 with a 3 car garage which is a good thing. Change in jobs and family has kept me very busy
so I had basically put off any thoughts of building a plane. I recently sold my boat and the new job is not so new now and I should have more time to
to begin building. Good news is I no longer have to build a workshop; I have a nice big 3 car garage workshop now! I will probably be getting married
in 2013 but the misses is more than happy to let me build which is a nice change.

A big change I am considering is switching to the RV-8/8A. I think the tandem is more appealing for me but I want to put my future wife in
both the 7 and 8 and see which she would prefer. We will probably be visiting her brother in Portland in February so I am trying to include a stop by Van's
to let her try on the planes to help decide. From an instructor standpoint I like the dual controls of the 7 but the tandem is more exciting to me and I want to dabble
into aerobatics, and who can't deny the P-51 effect of the tandem.

Been a while since last update but I did get a pneumatic squeezer and dies for $152.20 from Ebay.
Unfortunately I ran into some probs building my shed, city said it could not be on side of house, WHAT!
So I am currently working on enlarging the 6X8 Shed in the back, so the build is on hold for a short time.

Started laying frame of Workshop, it will be 12 x 10; hope to have the walls up this weekend.

Picked up Ryobi Bench Top Drill Press and Band Saw with fine blade.

Dropped a check in the mail for the DRDT-2 Front-end kit, can't wait.

Started Working on Practice Kit, getting a feel for the instructions.
Would really like to find someone around the Riverside area so I could get some help.

Fabricated DRDT-2 Frame and also Back Riveting Plate.
Ohh, and bought a 21 gallon air compressor, left, right, center snips, etc...


My name is Alan and I am a part-time CFI, I work full-time for a large government water agency.
At this job I am a O&M Tech, basically I do welding, machining, rebuild/repair air/water/hydraulic pumps etc...
I was on track to build a Cozy MKIV when I decided that the moldless fiberglass construction
just is not my thing right now. I must say the group is great and have heard the same about the RV group.

Unfortunately I have posted to VAF to find a builder in the Riverside area that I could help
in order to learn some techniques, but have had no luck.

I haven't made the decision Tailwheel or Standard gear yet. Also, I seem to be leaning more towards the fastback slider ~vs~ std slider.

*Now the primer issue, boy, this one is a killer.*

**I think that I am going to slow build the Empennage and fuselage but, I am thinking that I will go with the Quickbuild Wings.**

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