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This is just a collection of links I found useful...

I am still working on adding all the links & sites I frequent...

Education Sites:
Powerplant, Props & Mods:
Non-Certified Lycoming
Titan Experimental Engines
Superior Engines
XP Engines
America's Aircraft Engines
Barrett Precision Engines
Aero Sport Power
Penn Yan Aero

Hartzell Props
Catto Props
Sensenich Props
MT Props
Whirlwind Props
Aero Composites Prop
Prince Props

AntiSplat Aero (Gear Mods)
James Aircraft (Cowlings & Ram Air)
Saber Manufacturing (Prop Extensions)
Vetterman Mufflers (Exhaust)
Aerospace Welding (Exhaust)
Aircraft Exhaust Inc. (Exhaust)
Robbins Wings Inc. (Heat Muffs)
Safe Air 1 (Extended Tanks)
Precision Hose Tech
Fairings Etc.
RV Rocket Steering Link
Oil Door Hidden Hinge
Smoke Systems
Evans Aviation Products
Koger Sun Shades (Famous RV Canopy Shades)
Chris Welch Rear Throttle
RV8 Fastback Conversion Kit (Canopy Mod)
Air Flow Performance
EFII (Electronic Fuel & Ignition)
Eagle EMS (Electronic Fuel & Ignition)
Pro Tek Performance

RV 7/7A Builder Sites:
RV 8/8A Builder Sites:
Other Builder Sites:

Updated 06/11/14

I haven't made the decision Tailwheel or Standard gear yet but I am leaning tailwheel. Also, I seem to be leaning more towards the slider ~vs~ Tip-Up.

*Now the primer issue, boy, this one is a killer*

**I am to slow build the Empennage and fuselage but, I am thinking that I will go with the Quickbuild Wings.**

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